Dating & Social Mastery - 7 Day Immersion Program

This 7 day IMMERSION will change your life permanently in unimaginable ways. You’ll develop unshakeable confidence, crush all your social fears and ultimately have the ability to meet & attract the woman of your dreams.

There is something stopping you right now from leading the dating life of your dreams, there is a block:

rain_24x21  “I’m scared to approach her”
rain_24x21” I run out of things to say”
rain_24x21 “I don’t know what to do next”
rain_24x21 “I can’t sexually express myself and regularly get put in the friends zone”
rain_24x21 ” I just can’t seem to connect with women or meet the right type of girl for me”
rain_24x21 ” I’m not fully comfortable as a leader, in being assertive and building the life that I want”

Does that sound like someone you know? Perhaps someone you know very intimately…..

Dating Coach For Men

We have created  a ground breaking 7 day dating immersion, that will change you so powerfully it will alter your dating & social skills in every single way


The Core Evolve Team has collectively coached 1000’s of men across the world, radically improving their dating and social lives.

We use innovative techniques to permanently change your dating & social self-perception and how you come across to others.

It does not matter what your goal is… maybe it is to meet your future wife, get a long term girlfriend or even have the ability to create amazing sexual experiences. Through our years of experience, and my own personal 6 year transformation – we’ve studied all the archetypes of men: small or tall, introvert or extrovert, every ethnicity you can imagine. We’ve been obsessed with tracking what has worked with our programs. We’ve refined and refined and refined and I am finally ready to release this.

I’ve built a world-class team that are experts in changing who you are down to your very core through 7 days of immense personal growth.

The best part is that it is completely tailored to you, that’s right every single program is completely unique:

check_24x19  Destroy SOCIAL FEAR and ESPECIALLY approach anxiety
check_24x19  Learn to engage & attract beautiful women … ANYWHERE
check_24x19  Develop ROCK SOLID CORE CONFIDENCE in ANY situation
check_24x19  Become a fantastic CONVERSATIONALIST: NEVER RUN of things to say
check_24x19  Develop the complete lifestyle so women are ORGANICALLY a part of it
check_24x19  Learn how to provoke massive sexual lust and ‘dominate’ any night time environment
check_24x19  Discover the BEST methods to succeed on your DATES
check_24x19  Become TRULY charismatic & magnetic
check_24x19  Create deep sexual & emotional connection with women
check_24x19  Learn where the best women are.
check_24x19  Finally, lead the life you’ve always wanted



My dating life, well it’s not something I worry about any more because it has completely transformed. I go on several dates a week now and thanks to what I learnt from Core Evolve,  I’ll get the girlfriend that I’ve always wanted in no time at all. I can only give thanks to Mike for the tools, the mind-set and prospects. Dean, 42

Overall, he’s one of the very few who are the real deal when comes to being great with women.. Cheers Mike
Steve, 22

Can truthfully say that he is great at offering guidance and support not only at developing good lifestyle habits but more specifically at dating and meeting women. His encouragement and guidance has helped me overcome the initial nervous barrier when talking to someone new and during times of slow progress, he was very patient with me and continued to provide helpful tips and assistance….. At first I was worried about this being a worthwhile investment, could I really do this? (I often asked myself) . Well I’m nearly there. I’m so glad to have you as my coach, not just in dating but for everything!
Tom, 25

I really thought I was a natural introvert, as other people had told me before. In my head I assumed that I was just not a social person; Michael taught me that was not true, and he was right, because now I thrive in those social situations and I love talking! Some of my friends now want to know the secret and I’ve referred a couple people to Michael
Imran, 27

Across seven action packed days you will live and breathe self development, social development and the art of meeting women (70 hours + of one on one coaching)

You will be personally coached one on one by experts in dating, body language, fashion, NLP. The 7 day immersion will change your reality so strongly, you will have no option but to change: To become the person you have always wanted.

star_16x16  Work with multiple experts & world class coaches, to quickly pinpoint your weakness and give you 360° feedback
star_16x16  We stand side by side with you through your development, wing you and break everything down for you. We even demonstrate EVERYTHING so you can see how exactly it works.
star_16x16  Give you everything step by step (what to say, body language, build tension etc)
star_16x16  Destroy and re-frame internal barriers/fear/success barriers so you are never held back again.
star_16x16  All the resources, reading, theory & development advice on dating/socialising/reaching your goals you will ever need
star_16x16  The long term plan to continued growth after you complete the course

I’ve hand picked my team because this is so important to me. We truly care about your success. We will cover:


Goal Setting
Approach in all situations (Day & Night)
Controlling & Overcoming Fear (Approach Anxiety)
Where to meet the best women
No more friends zone
Deep emotional & sexual connection
Body language
What to say
Following up on numbers
Dealing with other males
Everything for dates
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Social Circle (Support Networks)
Style, Fashion & Grooming
Online Dating
Networking + Selling
Lifestyle Choices
Financial & Career Success
How We Differ
7 Day FULL Immersion (60 hours of one on one immersion unlike anything else available… this works and creates LASTING CHANGE
We make OVERALL LIFESTYLE adjustments to MAXIMISE opportunities
Create the PLAN to fit YOUR GOALS
Practical & realistic advice that WORKS (PROVEN)

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user_18x24  1 hour of expert coaching over Skype – You can be anywhere in the world.
book_alt2_24x21  Constructive Action Plan & Feedback Email – Detailed analysis of what you need to do
key_stroke_24x24 100% Confidential – Stays between me & you
check_alt_24x24 Lifestyle Assessment – Some quick fixes to get you on track

There is no better time than now to tackle this. If you want to become more masculine, develop your dating & social life. Do it now. Book your consultation for free below.


Dating Coach For Men