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Amazing Daygame Tips & Infield Videos

Talking with Women during the Day and Daygame Tips

If you haven’t tapped into your daygame potential you are missing out on many chances to date beautiful women. Daygame happens fast and there’s a learning curve to it, but once you get it down you’ll be amazed at how many opportunities to meet girls that there are during the day. The goal of your daygame efforts should usually be to get a phone number or take the girl for an instant date. Sometimes girls will be busy and won’t be able to stick around and chat that long even if you spark their interest.

Tip 1.) Use direct openers

In the vast majority of daygame situations you only have a few seconds to talk, so you almost always should use a direct opener that incorporates a compliment about her appearance/style or even just the way she carries herself. This way you won’t fall into a boring conversation that goes nowhere and ends with her leaving you without a number. Direct openers are simple but take confidence to pull off, and you’ll need to learn how to keep her interested and ask for her number even after you successfully open the conversation.

Tip 2.) Smile: Be positive and interesting

Women are with friends at nighttime venues and they expect to be approached, but in the daytime they are not going to expect your approach in most cases, so it will come as a bit of a surprise. Because of this, you will need to always smile and be positive when you are approaching women during the day and be extra conscious of your body language.

Use assumptions and observational humor to keep her interested, while demonstrating right off the bat that you are attracted to her with a direct compliment. Don’t be afraid to take risks with the conversation and make assumptions to keep things interesting — you don’t have much time to make an impact.

Tip 3.) Keep the energy level toned down a notch

At a club or other night time venue you will be competing directly with many other guys for an attractive girls’ attention, so being high energy often works. In the daytime high energy routines can easily come across as out of place because you’re not demonstrating social awareness. You don’t need to be as high energy during the daytime, in fact a relaxed and grounded vibe will often put the girl at ease. Many guys fall into the ‘clown’ phase during day game which can lead to flakes.

Tip 4.) Practice, practice practice

You need to practice your daygame with as many women as you can in as many situations as possible. If you have no idea where to begin, you can start with practicing your openers in front of a mirror to see your own body language. When you recite your opener do you look confident, assertive and friendly? If not keep practicing until you feel and look confident and natural. Only do this at the very beginning — it’s more important to start approaching every chance that you get, which will improve your daygame skill better than anything.

If you are out practicing your daygame on a regular basis your efforts will be rewarded with many more opportunities to attract women, and it is a hugely important part of your overall game that can’t be overlooked.

3 thoughts on “Amazing Daygame Tips & Infield Videos

  1. steve

    what about age when your older doing day game, your young, decent looking guy, what about older guys approaching young women you dont have any blogs on that subject whats the oldest you have taught

  2. Mustafa Koruk

    Hey there. I’m beginning to learn somethings from your tips and also, i’m using it in some difficult conditions here. I’m living in Turkey and daygame is really hard to do here. I actually started daygaming 3 days ago with 2 unsuccessful conversations. I really liked your openers and i will be practicing it. Thanks! 🙂


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