The Key Ingredient to connection - Eye Contact with Women

The KEY ingredient to CONNECTING with Women


Guys, listen.

The secret to a good connection starts (& ends) with strong eye contact…. not anything else.   In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to form a strong connection with a women without using strong and progressive eye contact (eye contact with women)

Fundamentally eye contact is important in all walks of life, but is of particular important when meeting & attracting women:

1) It’s incredible sexy to a woman when you hold eye contact longer than most guys, it makes you vunerable (in a positive way, no fear of opening yourself up; not in cowering way)

2) By not proactively using laser eye contact correctly you are showing that you are insecure & fearful. On the flip side, strong eye contact reinforces that you’re a confident guy who is expressively himself honestly.

3) Depending on the way you look at a girl, you can indicate interest and you an begin sexually escalating on her without even touching her.

4) The eyes are the window to your soul, it puts your personality on the line and demonstrates what kind of a person you are. (If you don’t believe this, chances are you are not using eye contact enough)

Despite all of this most guys are not consciously aware that they are bad at eye contact. It’s something that we know is important but just ASSUME we do well. Stop assuming, and start practising.

Here are a few quick tips to drastically increase your successful connection with women through your eyes.

  • When you are making eye contact with a woman, focus on one eye. Try not to flick back and forth between them both. Focus on the pupil of that eye.
  • It’s easier to focus on eye contact when you’re listening, where most guys fall short is while they’re speaking. Try not to break gaze when you’re speaking, this will take time to get adjusted to.
  • Practice eye contact as you walk down the street: throw in the odd smile and you may find some people begin talking to you.
  • At times you may need to break eye contact during conversation, if you do, break eye contact by looking to the side not down. When you look down you show signs of inferiority, weakness and general insecurity.

I challenge you, even if you think you are good at eye contact to monitor it for this up coming week.

That’s all for now, more to come on this in the future. But this is a good starting point.

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Until Next Time

Written By Michael Valmont



3 thoughts on “The KEY ingredient to CONNECTING with Women

  1. Michael Valmont Post author

    Keep going – it’s a conscious skill that is worked on over time. Slowly by slowly it’ll become natural.

  2. M

    mmmmm…I already knew that, except the part with : “At times you may need to break eye contact during conversation, if you do, break eye contact by looking to the side not down. ”

    -after u “master” that, not only you create connection with the girl, but it is a funny and sexy thing too. I really enjoy doing that 😀

    good job!
    keep going!


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