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Reading the Signals of Attraction: Female Body Language

Understanding what a woman is thinking and how she is feeling is very important. When you are receptive to what she likes and understand her motivations you can begin to form a true connection with her sexually or otherwise. (female body language)

Women are genetically predisposed to better at reading social cues (i.e. they are better equipped at social cognition). That is why when you are not truly congruent (words do not match your actions) women rarely fail at smelling a rat. Lucky for you & I, social cognition is a science and learning the skills of reading body language cues can be learnt. An experiment was actually done where guys were pitted against women to interpret silent movies, women scored 50% higher than men but well attuned guys (actors, etc) got as good a score as women.

So what are some of the key indicators of a woman being interested in you?

1) Anime Eyes

– A woman will holding gaze with you a  little bit longer than normally, this is true for before you approach and during conversation with her.
– If she is attracted to you, her eyes widen and her pupils dilate. It may seem like her eyes are twinkling as well as they become more shiny
– Look at where she gazes and how she gazes at you. If she looks at your lips or down and checks you out.
– Bonus: Can she maintain eye contact with you, or does she look away first?


– Look at her lips, if they seem slightly fuller, more puckered up and she is biting them, chances are she is attracted to you
– If she playing with her hair, tucking it behind her ears or tossing it? (Some women do play with their hair when they are bored, so use in conjunction with the other signals)
– Look at her face in general, does she seem additionally expressive, does she smile just a bit wider when you speak her, do her eyebrows lift higher?
– Look at the colouration of her face/cheeks, is she blushing when you tease her? When she’s attracted  her face will become more peachy and red.


– If she’s across the room or bar, or even during conversation look at where her shoulders are pointing. Are they pointed towards you, even if she is not looking at you? This can be a sign of interest, again sometimes this can be coincidental too
– When you touch her, if she responds by touching you back. That is a very big sign of interest. If she initiates or touching you first. That is huge.
– How close are you to each other. When her body is leaned into yours it means shes more invested in what you’re saying and indicates that she wants to be closer to you.
– Look at her fingers, and what she is touching. If she seems fidgety or is stroking her arms, or wine glass, women often act out what they want someone to be doing to them.
– Look at the openness of her body language. if she is regularly showing you her palms or exposing her wrists it’s a sign of trust and she is trying to connect with you in a genuine sincere way.


Listen to the sound of her voice. If her vocal tonality increases towards the end of her phrases, it indicates that she is trying for rapport or approval. We often do this when we ask questions and unknowingly do it when we are seeking permission from someone.

If she seems to laugh a bit harder, longer and almost too frequently. The giggles are a sign of piqued emotional interest so she is seemingly at your whim.

While this is a lot of things to watch out for, often signals will come together. In isolation some of these are meaningless so you they have to be contextualised properly by you. Often they happen in abbreviated and subtle variations, so watch out.

Social Cognition is a tool which can be developed, so consciously practised doing so.

Until next time

Michael Valmont


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