Indirect vs Direct - Let's end this once and for all by Michael Valmont

Indirect vs Direct: Let’s end this once and for all


If you understand the premise of this argument and have an opinion formed.

Drop it.

Right Now.

If you don’t understand what this argument is about. Let me quickly go over the basics.

In the world of dating women, guys usually come from two school of thoughts.

A) Be Indirect: Conceal your true intentions so you hold all the ‘power’.
B) Be Direct: Be upfront and honest, save yourself time if she is not interested.

Which is the right way?

Well.. are you ready?


If you’re trying to come across as an attractive guy you will hold some of the characteristics from both ideologies.

From my years of experience doing this, I just know this is the only way.

For example, you can go up to a girl and ask her an opinion, or how she is. But you can do it in a way that communicates that you’re an attractive man. In the traditional model that would be considered indirect but actually sometimes we don’t always feel that immediate 100% attraction for a woman and it can build over an interaction depending on her vibe. So being ‘direct’ in this situation would be insincere.

You can start a conversation with a girl and it can be a direct compliment such as saying you look beautiful but if you appear overly complimentary, you come across as a guy who goes spitting out the same stuff all the time; insincerity.

The point is, if you’re communicating that you’re attractive; being indirect or direct is irrelevant.

In particular reference to what you say; it really doesn’t matter. The underlying communication needs to be that of an attractive man who has abundance within his life.


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Until next time,

Written by Michael Valmont


One thought on “Indirect vs Direct: Let’s end this once and for all

  1. Socialkenny

    I’m gonna add to the argument by saying that I’m strictly an indirect gamer and I find it superior to direct game. I hate direct game with a passion!

    But a big key to all this is that the average unskilled guy going direct isn’t gonna work, and rarely does. A skilled guy however going direct; he can pull it off.


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