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I was seeking the magic pill, the short cut to a more fulfilling dating life. At first I was unsure of how Core Evolve, was different. Non-the less I decided to give it a shot, as I found Michael to be a very inspiring individual. What I thought was a basic step to a more fulfilling dating life, was a step into an emerging me, an individual who was buried so beneath the surface, I never knew he was there.

What followed were changes in myself in every area of my life (self worth,discipline, social confidence and skills…). I realise today that dating was secondary; there was something else I was seeking, I was just afraid to admit it. My dating life, well it’s not something I worry about any more because it has completely transformed. I go on several dates a week now and thanks to what I learnt from Core Evolve,  I’ll get the girlfriend that I’ve always wanted in no time at all. I can only give thanks to Mike for the tools, the mind-set and prospects. Your coaching work will always be appreciated”
Dean ,42, London


“What can I say! I’ve never used a ‘dating coach’ or anything like that before so I did a lot of research into my options.

And wow I’m still in la la land if I am being honest, seeing Michael demonstrate what’s possible has been eye opening to say the least. I had issues approaching and was not really that comfortable in social settings either, I would get tense and freeze up. I worked with Michael over a 2 month period and the guy is like a walking dating and improvement encyclopaedia. I saw him approach so many different girls successfully, right in front of me. It was a bit crazy to see how some of the girls fell under his spell and how he has pretty much got ‘the dating skill’ down to a science. All the ideas he broke down are simple and I use them daily now. My results? I’ve still got stuff to work on, but I’m getting there, I’m currently seeing a few different women through what Michael taught me.

Overall, he’s one of the very few who are the real deal when comes to being great with women.. Cheers Mike”
Steve, 22, London


Before meeting Michael I was a one date wonder, putting too much pressure on myself and getting into my head while making simple mistakes. I forget to ask for girls number or follow up contacting a girl I actually liked. I was terrible!
After talking to Michael for the first time it was clear that I was lacking balance in my life. Together we set short term and long term goals to better my dating life, social network and working life. During his 6 week program I worked on these goals, I was turned numbers into regular dates and redirected my career.
At first I was really anxious about approaching girls, flirting, escalating and getting numbers; but with Michael’s push and guidance I started to open up, relax and find a natural rhythm when approaching girls. Each week Michael and I would sit down and look at that weeks progress and provide me with positive feedback on my dating and career goals.
By the end my friends saw how satisfied I was with my life and the ease I approached women. Michael taught me essential skills and tweaked the ones that I already had so that I could reach my full potential. Michael is a wealth of theoretical and practical experience he is open, honest, friendly and does not judge who you are or your past.
Kyle, 27, London


I have to admit that at first I was a bit skeptical whether it was really possible to approach random strangers let alone end up on dates with them. But through Mike’s 6 week course I found myself approaching girls in coffee shops or going on instant dates after just talking with a girl for 15 minutes. The course has helped me build up my inner confidence to the point I now rarely experience anxiety when I approach a someone. Having the confidence to approach someone on the street or in a clothes has opened up the world to me and I now go on way more dates than I used to which is all down to Mike.

If you want to change your life, meet more people and go on tons of dates then contact Mike and take up his 6 week programme. Life is to short and if you don’t act now you never will.
Homes, 29, London


Over the past 8 years i have lived a very solitary life, due to a number of reasons. I withdrew into myself, which left me with a great fear of socializing and generally interacting with women.

I confronted a massive fear when starting with Mike and if you’re anything like me, then you’ll be feeling that fear as you scan this website! You may have a lot of doubts about embarking on a course like this and that’s probably why you’re looking at these testimonials, hoping to find some common ground! I had the same doubts, trust me, times a million and now i’ve done it, i feel reborn and definitely without regret!

If you want to destroy inhibition, feel more expressive and go after those girls that you were born to meet, then i suggest you book your first session immediately!!

James, 35, London

I had the pleasure of finding Michael through a mutual friend of ours, and even though we’ve only done a few sessions so far, he has already made quite an impressionable impact on me.

I had tried some of the other dating companies out there, who I had learnt bits from but I hadn’t reached my goals. (in fact I hadn’t even identified them properly until working with Core Evolve!) From our first session, I really felt like he cared, which sounds stupid when I write it here but it means a lot that he holds the burden of my social excellence on his shoulders too. He’s clearly worked hard to get where he is right now and gain all of the experience and knowledge he has under his belt. I’ll be booking regularly until I feel like I’ve hit my goals.  :)”
John Paul, 36, London


“Have been working with Michael for a while, I can truthfully say that he is great at offering guidance and support not only at developing good lifestyle habits but more specifically at dating and meeting women. His encouragement and guidance has helped me overcome the initial nervous barrier when talking to someone new and during times of slow progress, he was very patient with me and continued to provide helpful tips and assistance. My progress has been steady but looking back I can see how much I’ve transformed. At first I was worried about this being a worthwhile investment, could I really do this? (I often asked myself) . Well I’m nearly there. I’m so glad to have you as my coach, not just in dating but for everything! Thank you man.”
Tom,  25, London


When I went to uni, I was a shy guy, without much experience with girls. I didn’t enjoy starting conversations with girls around campus and after I finished three years later, I didn’t feel like the other guys who had ‘found’ themselves there.

In bars and in conversation I never knew what topic to talk about and found it difficult to “break the ice”. After a couple sessions with Michael, I really found my confidence around girls. He reassured me that I had the skills within me already and had stuff going for me.

With his tweaks I was more relaxed and put less pressure on myself to not say the wrong thing or embarrass myself. Michael reminded me that eye contact is very important and a smile or a joke can have a better impact than the “perfect” chat up line although some of Michaels ‘lines’ are hilarious. With Michaels guidance, I found myself meeting lots of different girls in bars and clubs, and engaging in fun and interesting conversations.

I really thought I was a natural introvert, as other people had told me before. In my head I assumed that I was just not a social person; Michael taught me that was not true, and he was right because now I thrive in those social situations and I love talking! Some of my friends now want to know the secret and I’ve referred a couple people to Michael.
Imran, 27, London


I went on the day-game boot camp & it was great.   I’ve all ways been more of a night-game kind of guy, & saying that I would still have to rely on a bit of Dutch courage to get me going.  However, Michael provided a clear structure in terms of how to approach women in the day.  This was great as it provides a technique & something to fall back on, rather than going in blind. 

 Furthermore, having someone push you to approach women really helped me out, as I doubt I would have initially approached on my own accord.  And to see women who I never would have ordinarily approached respond positively, was fantastic! 

 However, the great thing about this is that it does not just apply to approaching women.  The social tools that Michael provides will help me out in other aspects of my life such as my career.  And I think that’s the best thing about this; at the heart of it it’s about improving your human interaction & social skills which can only be a good thing.

 I’ve only just started this journey, but with the solid base Michael has provided, I’m sure it will lead to success.

 Thanks Michael!
Raj, 29, London


Like most people I was a bit hesitant to sign up at first, but I can honestly say the bootcamp was worth every penny. Michael was a genuine character I could connect with on a personal level. The day was full of successful approaches and a lot of fun!

I hope to build on the momentum I gained from the time spent and continue improving my social life.
I’d highly recommend Michael Valmont to any of my friends- seriously people, this guy is the real deal!!
Anthony, 40, London


 Life Success Coaching


When I initially sought coaching I was somewhat sceptical in terms of what results could potentially be achieved. Approaching and confiding in Michael for professional insight regarding my career direction however, was definitely the best life decision I have ever made.

Not only did he go above and beyond my expectations as a caring and warm person with a contagious and optimistic personality but he managed to exceed my expectations as a coach in every way possible. In order for me to feel focused and more ambitious than ever, Michael restored my confidence through his exceptional wisdom, he truly understood my goals of getting my dream job in fashion journalism and travelling. He never made me feel like it was in anyway unrealistic and we worked hard to ensure I had a solid plan to get there. My motivation was building consistently through out my work with him. The changes I was able to make were previously unforeseeable and positively dramatic, not only in the professional realms that I originally wished for but also in personal areas of my life, which I am forever grateful for.

Michael was able to clarify my mind, providing effective techniques which would quickly alter my conscious attitude and behaviour in general. Progression was important to me and I never felt alone, instead I consoled in Michael as a pathfinder and the experience has been truly rewarding. You totally smashed it for me, Michael. There is no way I could ever repay you for guiding me through the process of finding & securing the Job in Dubai.

Thank you for changing my life, I just wish I approached you sooner.
Eliza, 35, Dubai


I felt like I was stumbling along, my life was just not how I envisaged it would be and Michael has helped kick start my life and now its just seems like things are clicking into place.

I’ve changed some of my lacklustre habits, I eat healthy, I’m much more social and more confident than I an ever remember being. I actually changed jobs while doing coaching sessions with Michael,  a direct result of the work we did together.

I’m on track with my other goals and I feel like I’m totally in control of where I’m going. All aspects of my life have improved. I was nervous and hesitant but I’m so glad I did this. You’ve helped rebuild me from the ground up, I feel like I can do anything now. I can’t thank you enough Mike, thank you so much for being there for me.
Thanusan, 23, London