Motivational Articles: Give me 2 Minutes and I'll give you a lifetime of motivation

Give Me Two Minutes and I’ll give you a lifetime of motivation

If motivation could be bottled up and sold. It would be the most expensive substance on the planet.


Well, because once you get a taste of being motivated, you get addicted. Once you’re addicted to the results of being motivated….


With motivation you can literally do anything. Start a global business empire worth billions. Save millions of people around the world. Become a rockstar….


That’s because with the right amount of motivation, no obstacle will ever stop you from relentless pursuit of your goal.

With motivation, the impossible becomes possible.

There is only one small problem, motivation is an elusive state of mind. A state of mind that can not be bottled, or bought. It can only be cultivated internally through thorough examination of ones life.

We all know what it feels like to be motivated at some stage in our lives. Even if it’s just as simple as being motivated to move away from something.

i.e. It’s extremely hot in the sun, find some shade. (away from)

Or you can be more positively motivated.

i.e. I want to get a tan, let’s go out in the sun. (towards)

We all have different inclinations as people as to what we are more motivated by; towards or away from. But how do we get that key drive and create an endless well of motivation within ourselves?


I see people who are highly motivated for short periods of time or people who are motivated but just not enough to push through the extra barriers required to reach high quality goals. So how do you find the high quality, long term motivation?

You keep it simple and strong:find one reason to push forward.

Make your O.K.M have three qualities:


It doesn’t matter if it’s greedy, vain or anything deemed selfish. This is YOUR life, be selfish. Don’t judge your wants and desires because it has to connect to the core of your being.


“I want to give back to my parents”
“I deserve the best in life”
” I want to travel the world”
” I don’t ever want to have to in this situation {X} again”

It has to hit a strong emotional chord and you’ll know when you find it. It actually sounds a lot easier to do than it is. Once you have it you’ll know, and it’ll stay with you for life.

If you need some help finding yours, get in touch.

This is not the only way to be motivated, and I’ll be covering more in future motivational articles. But it’s a successful way to internally bottle motivation and use it over the long term.

BONUS: If you’re wondering why this works, it works because it prevents conflicting ideas, goals and voices from entering your head at times of crisis. It’s the lone voice that if heard will powerfully DRIVE YOU FORWARD during times of adversity.

Until next time,

Written by Michael Valmont



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