Motivational Techniques: Create HUGE leverage to take ACTION

Motivational Techniques: Create HUGE leverage to take ACTION

Do you need motivation? Need that FIRE UNDERNEATH you so that can start going out there and making it happen with women?

Whatever your goal maybe this motivational technique will immediately re-frame the context of your motivation thus giving you massive momentum in reaching your goal

So begin by asking yourself this [ultimate] question:

Are you willing to do what it takes? (Is this what you REALLY want?)

If someone held up a gun to your head and said to you…“If in 12 months you don’t reach your goal, whatever that may be I will shoot you”


So if you want to start that business, meet more girls, get ripped up at the gym you have to CREATE THE GUN in your life. I hope you get it’s not an actual gun and a metaphorical one.

For example: Give your friend half your savings, tell him your goal. If you do not do it within that time period – he gives it to charity.

We are INCREDIBLE creatures of resource. With ‘the gun’ pointed at your skull you’ll leave yourself no other choice but success. Make sure there is no turning back i.e. you have to get someone else involved to keep you accountable.

Leverage is the key to building momentum . Get it working to your advantage by challenging your self. Once you have leverage. It’s time to execute the process. You will have to pay the price of what is required for success, again and again and again. But with that comes momentum.  Enjoy the process, take action and momentum will come.

Next time you want to motivate yourself, act truly as if someone is pointing a gun at your head and saying… “Are you willing to do what it takes?”

BONUS: Reaching your goals isn’t just one decision, it’s thousands and thousands of small decisions. Micro-goals….that must be reached first.


Written by Michael Valmont


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