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Become free from judgement

We’ve all been there, in a situation that we’ve felt painfully embarrassed because something bad happened. A rejection, a messed up presentation. falling flat on our faces…

Why do you feel so painfully ‘shy’ and embarrassed in certain situations?

It all starts with judgement of other people. You see when you judge other people, you actually judge yourself. 

When you say that person is so cool, because he has a Lamborghini. You actually say you are not cool by not having it. Same thing with looks. If you see a good looking guy and assume that the only reason he is with that beautiful woman is because of that….

It enforces all the wrong beliefs into your cognitive system.If you judge people by the way they look, money, their job.

You’re placing incredible emphasis on superficial things.That’s why guys end up placing girls on pedestals because they are putting emphasis on the wrong things; “she’s beautiful therefore she has more value than me”

Once you place value on those qualities you create misalignment with your own internal value system.

You have to step away from that from the judgement.

Start valuing what’s important first; the internal values & boundaries that you have. 

No one can judge you if you don’t give them permission to. Let go of these menial egotistical societal values that will hold you back from freely expressing yourself. Just let go of it all. Want to break free from the fear of judgement of others? Stop judging other people.

Want to be able to say what you want? Then stop judging other people on what they’re saying.

I feel very free in expressing myself in all and any situation… why? Because we’re all human beings that have flaws, I accept everyone and it has liberated me.

Until next time.

Written by Michael Valmont

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