Core Evolve Team - Dating Expert for Men

Michael Valmont

Founder & Head Coach

I’ve coached hundreds of men through live training globally on getting better with women over the past few years. I’ve been a featured experts for several top publications and have seen every conceivable issue a man can have. My passion & purpose is to develop your confidence, social & dating skills so they never hold you back. I transformed myself and have achieved incredible results for my clients, my commitment is to you and your results.



Maria Rivington


As a linguist and hugely experienced personal development coach (Virgin, Kingfisher, Sky News, Deloittes), Maria ensures your verbal communication creates the impact you want, leaving you confident in any social or professional situation. Her sessions address issues around projection, tone, articulation, vocabulary and accent. Maria’s aim is to make sure you reach your full vocal potential, creating the strong impression you need.



Model & Dating Expert

Jasmia not only teaches the skills necessary to start, build and maintain relationships but injects fun into the process making it a truly life changing experience. Using her acclaimed natural technique with a phenomenal success rate and great reputation, Jasmia helps clients build on their confidence and conversational skills and practices in the real life scenarios supporting the client every step of the way.

A professional working Model and a budding artist Jasmia uses her vast experience to adapts and understand any clients situation finding common ground and interests helping them relax and enjoy the process.



Romance, Conversation & Sexuality

He was previously the typical nice guy and ended up in the friend zone more times than he would like to admit. Having learnt through years of dedicated trial and error he has taken his natural very pleasant way with people and added layers of playfulness and sexuality that girls cannot resist.

He will:
Help you become a master conversationalist and ensure you never run out of things to say.
Show you how being effortless, relaxed and being romantic can produce results at it’s very best. Demonstrate how to keep your interactions fun whilst giving undertones of sexuality.
Speed up your progress through a solid understanding of the most important mindsets.


James Eves

Fashion Expert & Stylist

James has worked with a number of men including sports personalities and high profile business leaders in helping them create their own personal style that they feel both comfortable and confident in. With a firm belief in following the timeless rules of style rather than the vagaries of fashion and through understanding a clients character James will show you how to project a more powerful and self assured image of yourself through your personal appearance.



Masculinity, Polarity & Finesse

The master of letting a woman know everything she needs to know simply by the way he looks at her.  Senthil believes in the beauty of the polarity between a man and a woman.  The greater the polarity, the greater the attraction.  He will teach you not only how to create it but imbue you with the mindset and understanding that will stack the odds in your favour for when you see that special girl.