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What To Talk To Girls About – Engage Her Emotions & Become Instantly Charismatic

What To Talk To Girls About 

I get this question with such regularity. So many people struggle with conversation skills. You have to realise that it’s not just guys, girls to do as well.

In this video I talk about what you should talk to girls about, on a date or in an intimate one on one scenario. The questions and topics should not be forced, this is not a routine or something to be performed.

If you are trying to say or do something to illicit some kind of emotional reaction from a girl, or even attraction. Then your confused. Attraction doesn’t come from the words you say it comes from the emotional content behind the words and the body language behind the words. Be passionate and engage from that place of true curiosity.

Don’t put her on a pedestal and assume that she’s better than you and that you need to win her over with something incredible to say. You can say something boring or superficial on the surface but execute it with charm and fun which would win her over. If you’re a logical guy you may get caught in this mindset of over analysing instead of spontaneously expressing.

The topics that I recommend for someone to begin with are:
– Family (siblings, parents, extended family)
– Travel (Countries, cities, stories, experiences)
– Where you grew up
– Music/Film

These topics are easy and you should have some passionate views on them, which will help how you come across but also the girl will emotional invest as well because these are things that for most of us are quite close to our heart.


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