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You must RISK being Creepy…

” I can’t do that.. won’t they think that’s creepy?”

” It’s too creepy if I approach her now, she’s with her friends”

” I can’t approach her in that shop.. it’s creepy!”

These are common complaints that I hear from students, and guys in general.

I would say from my experience, the fear of being creepy is ranked right up there with the fear of rejection. Unfortunately no matter what situation you approach in, or how & where you approach her, there will be times when the girls will judge you as being creepy. Sorry.

However… this is not neccessarily a negative thing!

You have to RISK being creepy to be attractive.

If you are not coming across as creepy to some girls it means that you are not conveying your intentions clear enough [polarisation], you’re probably being too nice. Chances are if a girl doesn’t feel your sexual prowess and true underlying desire, it means you are suffocating it with poor body language and communication.

Your words and actions are therefore not in synchronisation and you will not be able to build true attraction, but you might get away with a routine or two….

But ultimately you’ll lose the girl.

Focus on being straight forward and honestly express yourself and share who you are. If you are doing that; truly and deeply, then you are not being creepy and you shouldn’t let any girl tell you that you are. You may creep one girl out and attract five more by acting in exactly the same way and that’s because you’re going for sincerity and being up-front (the opposite of creepiness).

The point I’m trying to make is when you’re putting the correct vibe out there – that you’re a man that is attracted to the woman in front of you. Some girls will find it creepy.


Stop fearing self expression; filtering and adjusting your self perception through your communication.

Until Next Time

Written by Michael Valmont

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